Men's Health/Shape Run 2008
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Dear Diary,

As I mentioned in my previous entry, these are what I picked up from the OCM last Friday for the Men's Health Run. Well, to be precise, it was not a marathon, like what I used to tell my friends. Merely a quarter of it, a 10km run to be exact.

Basically, I got this:

vouchers for goodie bag, a certificate of participation and a free breakfast from 1901

and this:

an adidas RM50 voucher for the puchase of running shoes

and this:

and this:

a running tee from adidas worth RM69.90

Not bad, eh?

But guess what? I was not be able to participate the running held last Sunday. The reason?

Wait for my next entry ;)

Realistic cure prospects for common diseases
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Pediatrics practice in Kerala Ayurveda

I owe this article to one of the oldest families of Pediatrics practice of Ayurveda in Kerala

The doctors of this family have been and still are guiding our family in pediatrics .They possess special medicines and special treatment regimen as their hallmark in clinical practice.They are the following

Dr. M.N. Sasidharan, Appavoo Vaidyan Ayurvedic Medicine, Kottayam, Ph : 9447661209
Dr. Sasi Sankar M.S., BAMS

1. Vit. A deficiency.

Duration of the Medication. :

Three weeks

Therapies required to cure the Ailment


1) Fruit juice therapy.

2) Milk + Egg white + Sugar ( well churned ) to be administered according to age.

3) Vegetable soup (prepared with Potato + Carat + Cabbage + Beans + Red onions + Drum stick + Pepper + Curry leaf + Mustard + Ghee ) . The quantity should be decided according to age.

Approximate relief expected - 90 %

2. Hemorrhagic disease of new born

Duration of the Medication: 4 to 8 days

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1) A small Sandal powder bag for inhaling therapy for the new born

2) Milk + Sariba + Kutaja beej + Sandal ( 1: 1 : 1 ) and make a mixture for internal use. The quantity should be decided according to age.

3) Drakshamadhookamadukadi kashayam with honey

4) Vasa Swarasam with honey

Approximate relief expected: 80%

3. Jaundice

Duration of the Medication - 7 to 12 days

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

60% 0f the new born develop Jaundice during the first week after birth. Physiologic Jaundice normally develops from the face to feet .The therapies are:

1) Exposing the baby in sun light. .

2) Frequent feeding of breast milk.

3) Feeding of sterile water.

4) Make a mixture with Vasa swarasa + Guduchi swarasa + honey 7 drops every 3 hours internally.

5) Make a thoyapaka kwatham with Draksha + Elippakatal +Athimadhuram and use internally .

6) Vasa guluchyadi kashayam

7) Drakshamadookamadhukadi kashayam. And Punarnava swarasam with honey.

The quantity should be decided according to the age.

Approximate relief expected -100%.


Duration of the Medication. -10 to 18 days

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

Feed soft foods since the children with Mumps have a hard time chewing.

Soups and fruit juice are good.

1) Vitamin C supports the immune system and helps to fight against infections.

2) For boosting immune system the child could be fed Zinc a day. It will accelerate healing.

3) Apply warm or cold compress to ease the discomfort of the swollen gland.

Keep the child isolated until swelling subsides.

4)Pachanamrutam kashayam +Vettumaran gulika or Kodasariyadi Gulika.

5)Punarnavabhayadi Kashayam (Punanavam + Abhya each 15 gram + Sundhi,Padolam,Nimbatwak,Guduchi,Kadkarohini,Maramanjal each 5 Gram Make Kwatham and the quantity should be decided according to the age.

In hard Sopha Swadanam is very effective.( Mild swadanam in childrem.

Approximate relief expected - 90 %


Duration of the Medication _ 60 days

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1)In Andrkajwaram (Typhoid ) internal medicine is most important.

2)Exturnal therapys like Thalam ( Muttathilam and Rasnadi powder is very effective in high fever.)

3) Pachanamrutam Kashayam, Pathyadi Kashayam, Jeerakatrikadukadi kashyam

4) Vettumaran gulika, Suriyaprabha gulika, MruthyunjayaRasam Gulika all are apply according to the various situationsin Typhoid.

Approximate relief expected :- 75%

6. Bronchial asthma.

Duration of the Medication

Most of the cases are genetic and incurable. But continues treatment brings relief. Bronchial asthma needs prolonged treatment. In children it may take 6 months to three years for curing the diseases.

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1,)Clean nostrils with sterilized cloth or cotton, Apply Gingili oil +Salt boiled and cooled on chest for one hour and then rub it out.

2,)Bela +Jeerakom + sunty =( 10: 1 : 1 ) Kwatham is very much effective for brochial asthma. The quantity should be decided according to age.

3)Ealakanadi Kashayam, Dasamoolakadutrayam kashayam, Jeerakatrikadukadi kashyam.

4) Thila Saindhava samuktham for Exturnal application.

Approximate relief expected : - 50%

7. Allergic respiratory disease.

Duration of the Medication

Three to Six months treatments

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1) Kacholam +Pushkaramoolam +Amalaki choornam

2) Pushkaramoolam + Thippali Powder

3) Gairikom + Anjanakkallu (Sudham ) +Thippali Choornam.

4) Kadukka + Vizhalari +Thippali Powder Mix with honey.

The above four combinations are very effective in Allergic respiratory disease.

A Military maneuver against Allergies

Allergic to pollen? Try this remedy, tested by the US army and deemed effective : Eat honey made in your area, and chew the bees wax it comes in . The theory is that by eating honey produced local bees, you can desensitize your immune system to the local pollen Starting two months before hay fever season, eat two table spoon of the honey a day, and chew the bees wax for 5 to 10 minutes. Continue until the season is over. While local honey works best, you can give store- bought a try.

Approximate relief expected : 70%

8. Epilepsy

Duration of the Medication :- 9 Months

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1)“Seelayel thila lasunam” ( Garlic paste mix with gingili oil and lick at bed time.) Reduce the quantity of garlic in Greeshma.

2)Swarasa of Bacopa ( Brahmi ) mix with milk ans take it at the bed time daily.

3)Powder of Vacha mix with honey use daily.

4)Thippali( 3 ): Pepper (2 ) : Saindhavam ( 1 ) Make fine powder and take 2 to 5 Gram daily with Warm water.

5) Madhukachoornam (Erattimadhuram) Mix with Mustha swarasam take three days at bed time.

Approximate relief expected :80%


Duration of the Medication -: As the Prognosis is very poor the duration is not particular.

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

SALILASHOSHANA CHOORNAM ( Bhaishajya ratnavali ) Exturnal use.

Draksharudrakshadi kwatham.( Vaidyatharakom)

Sasthra karmam

Approximate relief expected :- 20 to 30 %

10. Diarrhea

Duration of the Medication :- 3 to 7 days

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1)Milk boiled with Mustha

2)Elavin pasa +Hing +Saindhavam equal masher and fried well then make fine powder take a small quandity with Honey or Buttermilk daily three times.

3)Kapithastakachoornam and dadimashtakachoornam

4) Fried and powdered .Kutaja beej Mixed with Butter or Honey,Daily three times.

5) Sethu bandham gulika,, Asthakshari gulika, Chargariadi gulika.

6) Lashunadi kashayam,Villwadi kashayam,Panchakoladi kashayam.

Approximate relief expected 80 to 90 %

11. Cerebral palsy.

Duration of the Medication :-Cerebral palsy is not a specific disease but a general term used to describe a group of disorders affecting movement and posture. These disorders all result from damage to the developing brain, either before or during birth or during a child’s early years. Prognosis Children with mild disabilities can usually lead active, full and long lives and often live independently when adult. Severely disabled children ,especially those with swallowing difficulties who are more prone to serious chest infections, have a lower life expectancy.

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

The diagnosis of cerebral palsy is often difficult to make in a very young child. However once the condition is suspected , tests such as CT Scanning , MRI, Once the diagnosis is confirmed the whole family has to adjust to the life style changes that are often associated with caring for a child with cerebral palsy. Many children have only mild disabilities requiring some physical therapy. Children with more severe disabilities usually require long term programs of therapy and specialist support.

Approximate relief expected 40 to 50 %

12.Viral Hepatitis.

Duration of the Medication :-2 to 6 months.

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

Puthari chunda,Thazhuthama,Chukku,Kodithuva veru,Vayal chully Kwatham used for preparing Paya ( Kanji ) daily three times for curing Sarvanga Sopham in the Hepatitits condition.

Pathya punarnavadi kashayam, Punarnavabayadi kashayam. And avitholadi and panaviraladi bhasmam for Paya prepration

Vasaguluchadi kashyam”.Drakshamadookamadukam” Kashyam..

Keezharnelli ( Phlanthus niroori ) Samoolam Make paste use daily.

Approximate relief expected 75% to 90%

13.Iron deficiency anemia

Duration of the Medication :- 2 to 3 weeks

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1) Karimbirumbadi kashayam, Vyoshadi kashayam, Loha thakram,Navayasa loham,

2) Punarnavadi mandooram,Maha chinjadi lahyam

3) Drakshadi lahyam

4) Vyoshadi gritam

5) Annabhedi sindooram. And Jambeera loham.

Approximate relief expected 75% to 90%

14. Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis

Duration of the Medication :- 3 Years

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1- Veerabeladi kashayam. ( Satavary,Kurumthotti ver,Devatharam,Chandanam,Earanda mool,Gokshuram,Chittarattha, Karimkuriji veru Kashayam )

2 – Amruthadi kashayam ( Guluchi,Kuruthotti,Devatharam. )

3 --Ellumnisadi lapam,Rajikadi lapanam,Doorva lepam, Jadamayadi lepam ( All are External application )

4 – Swadanam.

5 - Kanjirathol +Milk kasayam for Dhara on the painful joints.

This type of persistent inflammation of one or more joints that occurs in childhood usually clear up in a few years. Severely affected children may be left with deformed joints, and some may developed Rheumatoid arthritis later in adult life.

Approximate relief expected 75% to 80 %

15.Rheumatic heart fever

Duration of the Medication : - 3 Years

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1- Orilaver Palkashayam.

2- Cheru panchamoolam Kashayam ( Orila ver +Karuttha chundaver +Veluttha chunda ver +Moovilaver + Njarinjil Kwatham )

3- Chittaratha +Dasamoolam +Amruthu + Earanda mool+Sundhi +Devatharam kashayam taken with Earandathilam.

4 – Indukantham kashayam,Vidaryadi kashayam. Rasona pushkaram kashayam

5 – Prabhakara vadi, Sankara vadi.

6 – Jeevaneeyam Ganam + Partha twak Kwatham.( Anubhootam )

Approximate relief expected 50%.

About one in hundred people dies during an initial attack of Rheumatic fever. The risk of a recurrence is highest in the first three years after the initial in young adults and people with damaged heart valves. After 10 years 2 in 3 people have a detectable heart valve disorder.

16.Urinary infection

Duration of the Medication 6 Months

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1- Veeratharadi Ganam

2- Ooshakadi Ganam

3- Sundhyadi Kashayam

4- Chembakathin veer Kashayam,

5- Van kadaladi ver Kashayam ,

6- Cherupayaru kashayam + Gingeli oil

7- Thazhutama+ Njarinjil Kwatam

Sudhathilam ( Lime + Gingilioil ) Exturnal application.Prasarani root grind with Alovera and curd and make a paste and apply externally on umbilical region. Good result in Moothra krichram.

Approximate relief expected 75%.

17. Nephrotic syndrome

Duration of the Medication :- 6 months

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1- Thazhutama+ Njarinjil Kwatam

Sudhathilam ( Lime + Gingilioil ) Exturnal application.Prasarani root grind with Alovera and curd and make a paste and apply externally on umbilical region. Good result in Moothra krichram.

2 –Gokshuradi modakom ( Gokshuram, Amukkiram, Chopchini,make fine powder mix equal quandity with Sitha powder ( Sugar ) .

3 – Ealatthari, Kattuvelliri veru ,Kumbalanghakkuru

4- Varee njarinjiladi kashayam ( Satavarikizhangu, Palmuthakkinkizhangu, Mustha, Truna panchamoolam Kazhayam with Honey and Sugar )

5- In paithika vikara Seethaveeryapradhan Dhara, Lepam , Avagaham.

Approximate relief expected 75%.

The prognosis of Nephritic syndrome depends on the extent of the kidney damage. Children usually respond well to the treatment. But may experience recurrent episodes of the disorder.


Duration of the Medication :- 6 to12 months

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

Child is overly fussy about certain food or refuses to eat the following things may be helpful

1- Keep the atmosphere relaxed at meal times. Do not put pressure on your child to eat every thing on his or her plate.

2- Serve small portions. You can always second helpings

3- Avoid too many snakes and excessive fluids between meals

4- Do not persist in offering rejected foods. Keep them off the menu for a week or two.

5- Be imaginative when preparing food. Cut sandwiches in to decorative shapes and create “Pictures” on the plate with fruit and vegetables.

6- Medicines….:- Vacha nirgundyadi Kashayam, Chindarmani gulika, Draksharudrakshadi Kashayam,

7- Brahmi gritam, Vach choornam.

Approximate relief expected 80%

19.Bed wetting

Duration of the Medication :- 3 Months

Therapies required to cure the Ailment

1) Kalyanaka Gritam

2) Maha kalyanakaGritam

3) Haridra + Sundhi Thoyapaka with Honey Daily 3 times a day.

4) Krimi roga chikilsa and Paneeyahara control.

5) Vachadi Kashayam.

6) Nirgundyadi kashayam

7) .Drakshadi Kashayam

8) Chintharmani Gulika. ( Vaidya tharakom )

Approximate relief expected 80%

Do you Have Arthritis?Get Insured from Arthritis Health Insurance
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Do you Have Arthritis?Get Insured from Arthritis Health Insurance

Arthritis is so common now that one out of seven people in America suffers from it. It is usually related to older people. These people have pain in their joint and so, even simple physical work becomes really difficult. There are one hundred different kinds of arthritis and so the chances of suffering from anyone of them are high. Arthritis also leads to joint swelling, stiffness or warmth with the pain. The main problem of people with arthritis is that they cannot move around easily.

There are treatmentsavailable for arthritis based on the type of arthritis you have. It is always better to have arthritisinsurance than taking a risk. People suffering from such conditions can minimize the use of the joint that has pain. Reasons like being over weight can also be a cause for this condition. Doctors usually recommend physical exercise or cheap viagra to patients. Putting too much stress on the joints makes it worse.Usually fingers, knees, elbows, wrists and ankles have pain which makes them so week that they are not able to do their daily work. The fact is that there are around 46 million Americans having the condition of arthritis.

First Preferred Health Insurance offers good service related to the support they give to the people suffering from arthritis. They have a very good experience in this field and theydealwith the cases in a good manner. While choosing an insurance company, you must always make sure that the entire package includes what exactly you are looking for. You must not choose a heath insurance which might deny your claim when they get to know you have arthritis. Some of the insurance companies also catch a clause well known as elimination rider that removes your condition from coverage. The responding time by the companies must also be considered. First Preferred Health Insurance provides over 300 heath plans and gives good servicein arthritis health insurance.

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Why I chose Family Medicine...
I've been reading a lot of posts lately about what's wrong with Family cheap cialis. Truth be told, it's a long list. But all in all, I love my job. Maybe my tune will change as the years go by and burn out sets in, I'm still a newbie.

I had a lot of trouble deciding between Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine, and went so far as to interview for both programs. I liked Emergency Medicine a bit better, but what tipped the scales in the other direction was the burnout factor. Emergency docs spend more time dealing with unpleasant people than most professionals, and it wears on them. I certainly worked with a few community ER docs who had been in the business 20+ years and were still enjoying it. Unfortunately, they were the exception. I leave my office 4 of 5 days a week feeling great about myself, and great about my patients. I wouldn't have been able to do that as an ER doc (but they still have better blogs).

Here's my list of what's right with Family Medicine:

1. It's Life-friendly. I was going to say family-friendly, but it's more than that. Sure, you can be a workaholic in family medicine, but you don't have to be. It's easy to find an outpatient job where you can spend weekend and holidays with your kids, or your garden, or your fishing pole.

2. It's flexible. Like skin procedures? Great, everyone in your practice who doesn't will send them your way. Hate kids? Avoid them. Love OB? Move to Alaska, they need us up there. You can pick your poison.

3. You're in demand. Unless you are trying to practice in a dwindling population center, you'll do fine. I supposed this could be said of all physicians, but the predicted primary care shortages are looking like job security for me.

4. It's challenging. I knew a family medicine resident who had quit her ophthalmology residency after her first year. She said that she knew within 30 seconds of speaking with her ophthalmology patients which of 5 problems she was dealing with, and was immensely bored. That's a problem I'll never have.

5. The Marcus Welby effect. A lot of patients trust their family doctors more than their specialists. They realize you have a view of the whole person, not just their left kidney. True, some patients treat me like the bottom-of-the-class idiot who couldn't get into a better program, but they are few and far between. It's super-cornball, but you meet a lot of really nice people.

Family Medicine has some big issues to tackle. Reimbursement is right up there. Getting bitch-slapped routinely by the insurance companies is on the list. You've got to be able to handle not knowing. You've got to be able to handle the Monday morning quarterbacking that the specialists will do to you. You've got to be damn good at multitasking.

But I love my job.

Herbal Supplements
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Go or not herbal, that is the question ...

It's a possibility very difficult these days with so many choices in health care herbal. Many people today are turning to "organic" and "natural" also known as grass. The growing popularity of herbal supplements has created a new fad if not a health lifestyle. But before joining the bandwagon, here are some things you need to know about it, "green" dietary supplementing machine.

What is the difference between a drug and a dietary supplement?

According to the definition of all the food and drug administrations in different countries, drugs are chemicals that can prevent, prolong life, treat other effects of a health condition, improve the quality of life and / or cure ailments and diseases, or alter the function of any part or chemicals inside the body. These drugs have approved therapeutic claims. For example, paracetamol is a drug to lower body temperature in fever. Ascorbic acid is indicated for the treatment of scurvy. Iron supplements are given to treat mild cases of anemia.

Herbal supplements are not classified as drugs but as dietary supplements. The main difference is that no therapeutic claims have been approved contrary to the case of drugs. Moreover, dietary supplements or may contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, or amino acids, all aimed at enhancing or supplementing the diet of an individual. They are not intended to be taken only as a substitute for any food or medicine.

Most of the drugs manufactured now have once came from animals and plants. Through the years, chemists isolated the life-saving or life-curing components and separated them from the harmful. This led to the development of research on drugs and more drugs that lead to the production of a different variety of drugs for many diseases and conditions from synthetic sources. But we still have semi-synthetic drugs and drugs that the composition more or less approximate more natural. Because herbal supplements are made from a mixture of crude herbs reduced into powder or gel form, and then packaged as order cialis and capsules, there is the possibility of life threatening or at least body chemistry that alter the components are present, hence the expression of concern from the medical community.


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